TIkebana means touching, smelling, and feeling the beauty of nature and knowing yourself, reflecting what you are.

Ikebana is the Japanese traditional flower arrangement as everybody knows, but it has much more difference from the regular floral designs prevailing in Europe and USA than you think.

Ikebana means to arrange not only flowers and leaves but also buds, tree trunks, branches, barks, roots, and even soil. Furthermore it means to touch and feel the beauty of nature.
If you face the plants eye-to-eye in Ikebana lesson, you feel that you can let the stress out and relax. Ikebana might be something like meditation, since all the Ikebana works that you make are surprisingly reflected by what you are.

"Flowers, when set in Ikebana, cease to be just flowers. Flowers become human in Ikebana. That makes Ikebana interesting-and also difficult." by Sofu Techigawara who is the first president of Sogetsu party.

Why not try this fantastic experience if you are in Japan?

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